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 Redtodd's Test Results

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{AlphaPack} Skies
Uria Red
Uria Red

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Age : 19

PostSubject: Redtodd's Test Results   Wed Dec 18, 2013 2:36 pm

Hazy King Avatar v Plancest Synchro

Section |
Deck Build

Testee begin with 10 points

*Tier 1 Meta -4 points
Mermail Agents
Prophecy Constellars
Plant Dragons Evilswarms

*tier 2 Meta -3 points
Six Samurai's Infernity
Harpies Phantom Beast
Dragons Dark Worlds

*Tier 3 Meta -2 Points
Bujins Madolche
Blackwings Fire Fists

*-1 Points for Every card past 40 count.

Result: 10 points

Section ||
Match Duel

Testee Begins with 25 Points

Legends: O=Win X=Loss V=Void Duel

Lost Match with no wins: X-X-V or any other order = -20 points
Lost Match with 1 wins: X-X-O or any other order = -15 points
Win Match with 1 loss: O-O-X or any other order = -10 Points
Win Match with no loss: O-O-V or any other order = -0 Points

Result: 25 points (never using my plansect again...)

Section |V
Duelist Momentum

Testee begin with 10 Points

*-1 Points for each misplays
*-30 Points for each Illegal Play

+1 Points if the testee won a duel with 6000 LP or higher (BONUS ACHIVED)
+1 Points if the testee won without top decking (BONUS ACHIEVED)
+1 Points if the testee won with 4 or more monster in the field.

Result: 8 points

Section V
Duelist etiquette

Testee begin with 0 Points

Insult/Spam -5 Points
Minimalist Behavior -0 points
Display good sportmanship and respect +4 Points

Result: 4 points
Section V|
Final Placement

Raviel Blue

NO ONE JUDGE ME! but he got perfect score.....
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Raviel Boy
Raviel Boy

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PostSubject: Re: Redtodd's Test Results   Thu Dec 19, 2013 8:18 am

It was a good fight, but the matchup was bad. Thank you very much for the game.
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Redtodd's Test Results
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