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 RP character template

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Chancellor Assitant
Chancellor Assitant

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PostSubject: RP character template   Mon Dec 02, 2013 3:48 pm

This is the way I'd like most Character sheets to be made.

Character's name:
Characters gender:
Character's age:
Rules for starting decks

  • No cards AFTER light of destruction are allowed this include cards in the extra deck
  • At the most 2 staple cards in your deck.
  • Only 2 copies of each card is allowed in a single deck
  • Certain cards are off limits. (god cards, wicked gods, just think logical which cards should be unaccessable for the public)
  • You can only have up to 3 decks at the most and you can start with 3 decks, however if you want to make a new deck you have to dismantle another one.
  • ALL cards in the extra deck can only be ran at 1, this is to prevent extra deck spam later on.

An example of a good starting deck is:
Back story:

Keep in mind that this is for an academy RP so try to keep things reasonable
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PostSubject: Re: RP character template   Sat Dec 07, 2013 2:56 pm

Goodjob i like it Smile.
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{AlphaPack} Skies
Uria Red
Uria Red

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PostSubject: Re: RP character template   Tue Dec 17, 2013 6:14 pm

Character's name: Luke Akari
Characters gender: Male
Character's age: 15
Appearance: Grey-white hair, brown eyes, lightly tanned skin, black duel-disk with green runes around life point gauge, black zip up hoodie, white shirt and blue jeans.
First Deck) Another Realm (
Second Deck) Insect Royal (
Personality: Kind and enjoys being different from others. Luke is naturally Curious and will tend to ask questions.
Back story: When Luke was little his father and mother gave him his first deck (Insect Royal), he forgot how old he was but he knows it was before he turned 7. He knows it was before his 7th birthday because that was the day he became an orphan. Luke was taken to an orphanage and he grew up duelling others in the orphanage or people at his school. Eventually by the age of 10 he wondered if there was such a thing called heaven or hell, or if it was a different dimension. I curiosity he made a deck that was built around Banished monsters (Another realm) in thought it might bring him closer to his parents.

Decks and character accepted by Necruta.

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Join date : 09/11/2013
Age : 21
Location : Indonesia

PostSubject: Re: RP character template   Tue Dec 17, 2013 6:51 pm

Character's name: Bahiscara Rakha Lixer
Characters gender: Male
Character's age: 39
Chancellor Mode:
Mysterious Duelist Mode:
1. Puppets of Doom(Gimnick Puppet Deck) =Chancellor
2. Mecha Phantom Beast =Chancellor
3. Rainbow Hero= Chancellor
4.Galaxy Destructor(Tachyon and Photon Galaxy Deck) = Mysterious Duelist
I can have more than 3 decks because im the chancellor and use cards pass lights of destruction, please ask necruta for more information.
Personality: Kind, nice, respectful, fun, calm guy when in chancellor mode, Evil, Grumpy, Quiet, Arrogant when in Mysterious Duelist Mode
Back story: He started dueling when he was a kid, Dueling is like his life, he got a very special card from his big brother, he train Duels with his big brother but one day his big brother is gone and his big brother gave him a note that told him to keep dueling and  practive his big brother left him when he's 13 years old, he lived with his big brother cousin after his big brother left him, when he's 17 years old he joined a duel academy and became one of the best duelist in the academy he continoued he's learning for 5 and a half years in dueling, but before the graduation he found a card that gave him power, and after finsihed his studies in duel academy he started a deck shop, 5 years later he started an academy and named it Phantom Duel Academy but when he's 23 years old he have started being the Dark Zero the Mysterious Duelist he start finds power when he's in 23 years old, he started an academy to find a talented student and gain his power, but Rakha still have his real self inside him but it's lock away by the power that possesed him, he created the academy in an island with a beautiful view and a mountain, the card that possesed him still grow and grow after it reach it highest power while the his real self is trying to break the power that possesed him, his academy is famous and have run for 11 years, But Rakha still have the feeling of joy in dueling, later or sooner his power will reach it's limit or rakha will defeat the power that possesed him.
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PostSubject: Re: RP character template   

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RP character template
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