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 Phantom Duel Academy Starter Guide

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PostSubject: Phantom Duel Academy Starter Guide   Sun Nov 24, 2013 1:05 pm

PDA Starter's Guide

When you first Joined you feel that you dont know what to do first in this Academy, so here's a Starter guide for all the New Members, Every memberrs first start in Uria Red but you can get higher in a Dorm test Smile.

About Us
Phantom Duel Academy is created By Rakhalix and finished in 24 November 2013, Phantom Duel Academy Abbreviation is PDA, PDA is a Yu-Gi-Oh! Fan site Based on the GX Duel Academy series but it have diffrent dorms, events, and tournaments, Our goal is to make people meet new friends and learned to be better at Yu-Gi-Oh!, and Members can meet new friends.

What to do when you first came in?
You can start by Introduce yourself, Follow the Academy Rules, And Take a Dorm test, every week a leson will be posted, Follow Events, gain DP, Be Active, Meet new friends, follow Tournaments, and many more, also make sure to follow the latest lesson to be better at Yu-Gi-Oh! Smile.

Meet The Staff
Here are the current Staff of this Academy:
1. Rakhalix = Founder, Chancellor, Head of All Staff, Armityle Purple Leader, Coder
2. {AlphaPack} Skies = Admin, Hamon Yellow Leader.
3. Necruta = Admin, Raviel Blue Boys Leader
4. Phantom Princess = Admin, Coder.
5. Kotetsu_Focused = Admin, Uria Red Leader, Head Graphic Designer.
now make sure to follow the rules and respect staff and others! Smile, also we're needing staff at the moment you may apply as a staff here:

If you ever need help please contact one of the staff, we will try to help as best as we can.
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Phantom Duel Academy Starter Guide
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